The WineCRU needs you!

Most of our regular tasting events are hosted at a member’s home. Each tasting event would expect to have 15 – 20 attendees. Aside from opening their home, a host’s responsibilities include providing drinking water, glasses, plates, and utensils. If you do not have enough glasses, the WineCRU will provide some, but you must return them clean. We will post your city on the website and allow people to reserve a spot (up to the limit of attendees that you set). Don’t forget to reserve space for your friends.

The WineCRU will provide you with a list of attendees based on those reserving a space through the website.

Volunteer to Host
If you are interested in hosting, please fill out the contact form below. Provide your name, address, and phone number. In addition, indicate in which month you want to host and the number of attendees you will allow. (Remember to reduce this number by your friends and family that you intend to invite directly). A WineCRU board member will reach out to you to confirm the tasting before anything is placed out on the website.


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