Our tasting events are open to anyone interested in wine. Each attendee or couple must bring a bottle of wine consistent with the theme and an appetizer for 10-15 people.

In order to attend a tasting, proceed to the  reservations   page and fill out the email; we will send you an email confirmation with the address. It's that simple.

July 18th - ABC (Anything but Chardonnay)

Unsurpisingly, it is easy for wine consumers to fall into rutts. The average consumer tends to buy what they know: brands or producers they are familiar with but also grape varietals.


In the world of white wines, the most popular wine is Chardonnay.




One of the pillars of The WineCRU is exploration, getting people to taste wines outside of your comfort zone. That's what will be doing this month.

Our July 18th tasting will feature ABC white wines. Bring any white wine other than Chardonnay. There are wonderful Viogniers (my favorite), Reislings, Pinto Blanc/Gris, Grenache Blancs, Chenin Blancs, Rousannes, Marsannes, among many others.


So stretch yourself and bring something you may not be familiar with.


  • July 18th, 6:00pm – Newbury Park, CA – 18/40 slots remain    reserve  
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