The WineCRU purpose is to expand the appreciation of enjoying wine and increasing knowledge in the growing, harvesting, producing and drinking wines (from the Vineyard, to the Barrel, to the Glass)!

The WineCRU's 3 E's Explore, Educate and Enjoy!

We are a fun-loving group that is open to anyone who shares our passion for wine or maybe just wants to learn more about wine. Our regular tastings are casual events where everyone brings a bottle of wine and food to share.

Appreciating good wine isn't about vocabulary. Or affluence. Or style. It's about having a passion. If you have a passion for wine, or just an interest in learning more about wine, then this group's for you. Since each event is attended by 15 - 20 people, there is anywhere from 10 - 16 different bottles of wine to taste. So pace yourself, explore wines that you may not have thought to taste previously and enjoy.

WineCRU board of directors:

President Mark Knapton  e-Mail Mark  
Education Michael Schulman  e-Mail Michael  
Industry Relations Scott Berry  e-Mail Scott  
Treasurer Brian Gillespie  e-Mail Brian  

WineCRU associate officers:

Design & Webmaster Tyler Berry  e-Mail Tyler  
Friends of the WineCRU

The WineCRU acknowledge the following wineries and companies that continue to support our mission and members:

Ampelos Cellars Loring Wine Company
Casa Barranca Winery Molly Dooker Wines
Clos Pepe Vineyards tercero wines
Duke of Bourbon Valley View Winery
James Johnson Vineyards Wine Australia Corporation


Our Local Favorites