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The New WineCRU

We are proud to launch the new WineCRU. Due to the unprecedented interest and growth in our monthly events, we determined that we needed to change our model. While the WineCRU still focuses on the three “E's” (Explore, Educate, and Enjoy), we realized it had grown too large for most people to host an open event.

As such, we decided the take the WineCRU virtual.

The WineCRU will still have bi-monthly wine tasting themes and educational material, each tasting event will be limited to 20 people. Given that our last couple of events in 2011 had more than 40 attendees, we hope to satisfy our growing membership by having multiple hosts within a given month.

Our updated website consists of six sections:
  • taste :: A review of our previous tastings
  • learn :: Information about the monthly theme
  • attend :: Sign up to attend a tasting
  • host :: Volunteer to host a tasting
  • contact :: Email and Social Media links
  • about :: Information about the WineCRU

Take a look around and click on Contact to provide us with feedback.

The WineCRU